Keto breakfast flax seed dosa recipe

Flax seed dosa made with grinded flax seed Flax seed powder is a very famous keto breakfast dish. This easy-to-make Flax seed dosa is a good diet food for those doing keto diet. Keto dosa is very tasty yet easy and very nutrients rich breakfast dish.Flax seed dosa is helps for weight loss.


1. Roasted flax seed powder -1/2 cup

2. Onion-1 (finely chopped)

3. Curry leaves – as needed

4. Egg-1 number

5. Coconut powder – 2 tbsp

6. Water – as needed

7. Coconut oil -1 tsp

How to prepare

Add 2 to 5 ingredients to the roasted flax seed and prepare the flax seed dosa dough in the same way as for the normal dosa

Heat a pan put coconut oil on it and pour the dosa batter.

Cook on one side and then turn on the other side and cook.

Then transfer to a bowl and serve with chutney or curry.

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