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Jeera water for weight loss-Malayalam

As per the researcher’s jeera water helps weight loss, cumin seeds water is traditionally used in Kerala, South India as an appetizer after food as well.  There are more health benefits of jeera water which are listed in the blog. ശരീരഭാരം കുറയ്ക്കാൻ ജീര വെള്ളം ഫലപ്രദമാണ്. ജീര വെള്ളത്തിന് മെറ്റബോളിസം മെച്ചപ്പെടുത്താനും…

Avocado benefits Malayalam

Avocado is extensively used in Keto Diet and its health benefits are numerous. There are plenty of tasty recipes that can also be made from Avocado. Venna pazham in Malayalam is already becoming popular in Kerala and is farmed in Wayanad extensively, Kerala due to its health benefits. സസ്യശാസ്ത്രപരമായി…

Oolong tea benefits-Malayalam

oxidized tea with lots of health benefits and suits most who would not like to drink Green Tea or Matcha tea during diet. There are lots of health benefits in drinking Oolang tea regularly, like helping weight loss and increasing insulin sensitivity among a loads of other health benefits….