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Keto Paneer Chilli Recipe

Keto Chili Paneer is very easy and delicious keto recipe prepared with indian cheese Paneer. It is an fusion recipe. According to your wish you can add any other veggies leaves which are keto friendly Ingredients 1. Paneer cubed – 1 cup 2. Pepper powder- One pinch 3. Onion-…


Chironji payasam is a an innovative popular Kerala Style Payasam recipe that is extensively used in festivals and marriages. Keto chironji payasam is made from chironji (Almondette) and Almond Milk. It is relatively easy to prepare compared to traditional Payasam which needs lots of time and effort to prepare….

How to do Lazy Keto??-Malayalam

Lazy keto is speaking to numerous in light of the fact that it’s less prohibitive and simpler to follow than the conventional ketogenic diet. The objective of lazy keto is to incite a metabolic state called ketosis, in which your body primarily consumes fat for fuel.

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