Perfect Keto Life Style

The difference between “keto lifestyle” and “keto dieting is widely mistaken by lots of people.

I have noticed lots of blogs/videos mention “Keto Diet” has bad affects for long term. Of course any diet can affect adversely if practiced long-term without medical supervision. In General doctor’s don’t advice long term Keto dieting. Whereas “Keto Life Style” is not about dieting, it is about maintaining a healthy ratio of carbohydrates, good proteins and fat in your daily diet.

We are supposed to eat in balance and not to sustain on dieting plan for rest of our life, unless they have some food allergies or serious illness. “Keto Life style” on the other hand is supposed to keep your health on tab and help you optimize your body performance.

Keto Dieting is not for long-term unless medically supervised

Certainly Keto diet should not be practiced more than three months, though some doctors seems to suggest it for Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

Keto Diet is what a doctor, dietitian and Keto coach get together as a team and help you achieve a certain weight or some medical target within a speculated time period, usually that is within  3 months.

Keto Life Style

Keto life style means you are just trying to live healthy by reducing carbohydrate diet balanced with healthy protein and fats, we can maintain our health life style with these. Moderate exercise, walking and yoga are all good things to maintaining healthy life style. Don’t hesitate to monitor your daily weight too.  Reduce Tubers, sweets, and rice-rich snacks. Eat fruits and good fatty nuts moderately.

According to an American research studies on 15,000 plus individuals, people who consumed more sweets and eat more carbohydrate foods or eat excessive animal based proteins will get sick very quickly and age.

How Keto life style improve your brain performance

Brain is known to function effectively when a body is on ketosis. So have an effective healthy balance in your Keto Life Style by feeding your brain with Ketones and Carbos. Brain can generally work sugar or carbohydrate and not fat in contrast to other body parts which can directly consume fat for energy source, the second option is to get energy from ketone, which is released from for liver. 

The fat in liver is converted to ketones and that energy is consumed by brain.  However various studies have shown that brain is not just the control source of our entire body. Some researchers even removed the entire brain from rats and they still could function well to target their food.

Keto diet should not be practiced with people having high cholesterol or type 1 diabetes and who are genetically predisposed.

This means Keto diet generally is known to reduce cholesterol in most people but have adverse effect on patients with high cholesterol depending on the nature of the diet. This is why Keto coaches including “Keto For Sure” strongly recommend avoiding dieting without a doctor’s consent and physical check-up.

Skin tone and body aging for people who follow Keto Style

Unlike carbohydrate energy source, the skin starts glowing and has a profound effect on over body aging as per some researchers. The use of coconut oil may trigger oily skin to be moist at all the times. However there are some people who may suffer from pre-existing skin diseases that aggregate during Keto dieting.  Ketones escape a bit our skin spores, this may cause some irritations on the skin for some people. Some people who have pre – skin diseases may experience some difficulty during Keto Flu.

Why do most people do not like to come out Ketosis even after getting on track

Once people are used to Keto diet, most people stick to that diet pattern because the diet keeps them energetic and fit. For those people, it needs to be monitored very well for long term effects on the body vitals. Mostly athletes, body builders and long distance runners prefer to stay in this state for their career advantage.

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