How is Keto dieting along with exercise going to help you lose weight and stay fit?

Weight gain studies are conducted nowadays worldwide at top medical universities and even at American Federations Association. The research is to understand how people are gaining weight even though there is very less calorie intake. The researchers mainly focus on the medical aspect of the weight gain and study the effect of certain chemicals which can reduce the fat cells.

Big Belly Fat

Most people start reducing their weight after they have notably “Big Belly”. Big belly fat is not something people like to grow, but they just can’t prevent it. In fact there are people with deep fat who are vegetarians and never even eat junk food. So diet type is not exact reason for belly fat.  Of course the food they are eating will definitely contribute  to their belly fat. However researchers show that medical abnormalities and genes are reasons that can cause belly fat too. Keto dieting or exercise will not be able to reduce this fat and it is totally dependant on modern medicine to

Drugs and effect of Fat Reductions

We need to understand what precisely causes “the deep fat. It is a common misconception that drugs can destroy the fat cells or melt it away. FDA has till date not approved any general medicine that directly reduces belly fat. It is just not simply possible to kill fat cells by anything other than medical treatment or surgery. The number of fat cells remains near constant after people cross 20 years – according to some medical researchers. Imagine fat cells are balloons that are growing as they gain fat and shrinking when they are loosing it, but they never go away.  The trigger to release the fat to the blood stream are enzymes from our own body. However the fat released to our body will not go away if just released as it has to be consumed by the body. Otherwise they just shift from one point to another.

Can Exercise along reduce our body fat?

It is a common misconception that the amount of food calories intake can be burned by exercise alone.  A simple salad after your exercise will most certainly have more calories…. than what was consumed in an hour at gym


The reason you look fit and young after exercising regularly is due to something called AMPK in your body.  AMPK is activated in our body during regular exercise workouts or brisk walking.  AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is a phylogenetically conserved fuel-sensing enzyme that is present in all mammalian cells. This contributes to deep fat reduction. There are other compounds like berberine that could also help activate AMPK.  In short AMPK activates metabolism however exercise alone is not a counter mechanism to reduce fat cells.

Keto Diet with Exercise

Fat cells have to release fat to your blood stream and that needs to be utilised as a primary fuel source in your body organs.  This is where Ketones play, they help organs to consume the fat as energy source. In nutshell ..Keto diet along with exercise is the best solution to get in shape fast and reduce deep fat.You will start looking young and vibrant , if you follow proper Keto diet with exercise.

But beware that exercising moderately or rigorously along with keto diet is something that the doctor and the dietician needs advice based on your body vitals. It is best to have a doctor, dietician and Keto coach working on your “Keto and Exercise” regime to bring your weight under control.

Happy Keto Style Living

Santhosh R, Keto Coach

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