Keto Dosa benefits

Indian breakfast feels incomplete without Dosa on their menu.

Traditionally Dosa is prepared out of grind Rice and Black lentils which is slightly high in carbs though it is very healthy upto and extend without the fillings.

Traditional Dosa is approximately calculated at 120 calories each. However this is not particularly good for regular intake as the dieticians try to cut the carbs and also tries it to mix and match with your full day calorie consumption.

However Keto diet differentiates itself with other types of diet. You can eat low carb Keto dosa and guess what you can even have a coconut chutney too. Coconut chutney is not Keto friendly and mixing it with mint will add up to its nutrition value.

Here is how you can prepare Keto Dosa, just two ingredients

15 grams Shredded Mozzarella

18 grams Almond Flour

I can use above to make a 30 ml dosa batter which can be used to make about 2 dosa. Water should be added in a slow process to maintain the consistency of the batter. One can mix these two ingredients in grinder and prepare a smooth batter out of it. Do not also forget to let it rest for a while before you spread them in a dosa pan.

Well! then there is another simple way is to buy Dosa Mix online and prepare a fast and easy Indian dosa.

Enjoy!! Keto Dosa, live an healthy life.

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