Loosing weight in keto

Keto is weight loss is not steady, it has a pattern and it is more like a wave with ups and down. Weight may stay the same as you lose inches, a sign that you’re moving in the right direction with keto regime. Do not be just focused on the scale or have a bluetooth weight scale that will keep track of your weight into a graph.

Expert and professionals usually recommend an average of one to two pounds (3 KG) per week, the traditional way. In keto you may first loose rapidly in the downward and stay same and even climb a bit on the first 2 weeks( 15 days).

To keep your weight and BMI in a table or graph is the key to understand whether keto regime is working for you or not. The First stage is that you should plan a proper weight scale.

Stages in planning a scientific Keto diet

Always plan the Keto diet period in advance, it takes about 5 days to enter Ketosis but needs only 48 hours to exit from it. One cannot expect any effect on the diet without being in Ketosis.

Analyse Macros

Build an execution plan based on Macros and body vitals. Go to this link to calculate keto macros.

  1. What are the stages in my goals?
  2. Are there any disruptions in diet during this period?
  3. Are there going to strains my body/mind during diet?

Medical Health Exam and diet consulting

A doctor needs to examine the person for understanding whether the strain and change in food habits can be well received. We insist on consulting a doctor and doing few blood tests to understand how well Keto diet can suit your body.

Diet readiness and custom food menu

After selecting diet one can keep mind his goals and select from lots of choices that he can have for Keto dieting.  

Start Keto and follow up with the Keto Coach

It is recommended that you can always discuss with a Keto coach time to time to understand the changes in your body and he will help you keep motivated. So also join our Facebook community to keep your spirits high.

Keto Style living

We change the life style, include minor exercise and improve the living style. Input the plan to software and decide the exact intake of macros and the recipes we will use for the day.You need to have some health monitoring gadgets to monitor like a fit band, weighing scale and keto urine strips handy.So only for the third session you need to mandatory direct appearance before the doctor and dietitian. All the other sessions can be also done online or through phone.  

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