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Researches and scientists have proved that that cutting calories in rice is possible a natural cooking process that can be done for weight reduction.

How to cut down calories in rice we eat in natural way?

Researchers from the College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka, led by Sudhair James and Dr. Pushparajah Thavarajva has found that rice when cooked along with small amount of Coconut oil and then kept in freezer for over 12 hours will give our body only 50% less calories than it will do normally.

How will rice cooked using coconut oil and frozen have less in calories technically.

To understand this process we need to understand some basic science of how rice gets digested in our body.

There are mainly 2 types of starches

  • Digestible Starches” which our bodies quickly turn to glucose and it turns into fat soon.
  • Resistant Starches” This type of starch is not broken down into glucose and they act more like a dietary fibre in food and hence the calories are less in them. This starch is very useful as it also helps for gut movements.

Rice is made up mostly digestible starch; this is the key issue in controlling weight. Humans don’t have enzymes to digest resistant starches, so if we use the above process would turn cooked rice to more “Resistant Starch” thereby reducing the calories.

More details on rice cooked using coconut oil and frozen have less in calories.

There are plenty of “Resistant Starches” in vegetables and whole grains. E.g.: Beans and spinach.

Researches from Sri Lanka (Sudhair James and Dr. Pushparajah Thavarajva) discovered that they could convert some of rice’s digestible starch into the non-digestible type.

They went on testing on 38 different kinds of rice and simulating human digestion in a test tube. The process they did was as follows.

  • Boil the rice and cook it along with coconut oil atleast to 1 cup rice  to 1 table spoon of coconut ratio.
  • The drain the starch away and after cooing.
  • Store it in the fridge for atleast 12 hours
  • Then consume it after warming up.

This technique particularly easy to cook for people who are regular users of rice as a staple.

How is that going to contribute to Keto Style Life.

Keto Life style is all about eating balanced and healthy diet. So people who have a balanced diet will definitely need to vary and eat lots of food staples than just eat staples and sustain only on Keto Foods.

Remember a cup of “cooked rice contains 200 calories”, and Keto life style says only 20 gm of carbo hydrates is sufficient for a day if life for a person. Anything excess of that is just going to derail your body in case of moderate exercise.

One Cup of Rice = 200 calories = 1425 grams

Now understanding that way, people who are following healthy Keto life style should not be eating more than quarter cup of rice in their staple avoiding all other carbo intake entirely for the day.

So, this process will help you reduce the calorie intake for quarter cup of rice to allow and eat like a normal Keto Style Life. In nutshell you can use quarter cup of rice as a part of staple that is process with oil and frozen 12 hours and still can have balance the diet for the rest of day.

How reliable is this research on rice cooked using coconut oil and frozen.

 The research is ongoing and should be used only on discretion and proper understanding of one’s own health.  People who have diabetics and are on insulin should be consulting their doctor if they wanted to step up the rice levels. People who are following Keto style living should be checking their weights if they follow a rice staple of this sort and should take corrective measures if found it is affecting them.

Remember that the research goes on for years together unless proven about the process, so be careful in using this technique on your own risk.

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“Happy Keto Style Living”

Santhosh R, Keto Coach

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