Isabgol is a dietary fiber that helps increase digestion and promote nutrition. Isabgol is made from the bark of the plant Plantago ovata, which contains fiber and is also known as Psyllium Husk. Constipation does not work properly when unwanted food is trapped in our body and is not expelled. It makes us feel unwell. It even affects our sleep. The insoluble fibre it contains helps to soften and expand constipation, thereby improving bowel movement. According to health experts, the hygroscopic properties of isabgol help lower blood cholesterol. It forms a thin layer in the intestines that prevents the absorption of cholesterol from the diet and effectively helps in lowering cholesterol. Then our stomach gets relief and we get proper digestion Add two teaspoons of isabgol in a glass of warm milk before going to bed and eat it every night for a few weeks. Get better sleep and when you wake up in the morning, proper digestion takes place so we can get constipated after and sleep well at night without any discomfort.

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