Follow the diet regime properly

Keto diet is about eating food proportionately with the help of Macros. Each individual macros will be different based on their height weight and gender. Use the “Keto For Sure Calculator” for understanding exact macros in your foods

  1. 5% carbohydrates
  2. 25% protein
  3. 70% fats

You need to maintain this balance along with your micro nutrition on a daily basis. When you select any meal, you need to make sure that your macros are balanced.

Before undergoing keto You should consult a specialist must look at the individual for understanding whether the strain and alter in nourishment propensities can be well gotten. You ought to counsel a specialist and doing few blood tests to get it how well Keto slim down can suit your body.

Most people doing Keto is not sure what is macros as they have just adapted “Lazy Keto”, Lazy Keto just restricts carbs but is not bothered about the other macro and micro nutrition level that your body will need. We need to calculate the macros before anyone can start Keto.

So, make sure to discuss your diet regime/ plan with your doctor or a health practitioner, especially if you have any medical conditions or are under medications. Never take this easy and at no part of the Keto Journey.

Please check the “Keto Calculator” to understand exact macros of a person.

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