Bulk to Keto fit in 60 days – Success Story

Keto turned my life around in 60 days and made me more confident and improve my self respect.

My Keto journey started when I was about to buy a term insurance plan and a medical test to that was mandatory. It came as a shocker to me that the medical team had not only rejected my insurance but also warned me that I am pre-diabetic.

Manoj, IT professional

The news made me think about the life forward and it has already become a hindrance for my housing loan eligibility or a term insurance. I started exploring ways to reduce my weight and was determined to be fit soon as possible. 

I took expert opinions to reduce weight and did lots of research about Keto diet and its effects. At first Keto diet felt as a fad to me. However left with little choices, I decided to try out Keto for 7 days and then decide the future course. The energy levels changed when I started practicing the diet so, I kept it going. It took me about 10 days to get into Ketosis.

The next challenge came when my body started reciprocating to Ketosis. I caught Keto flu and was grounded for 3 days. I read a lot about Keto flu and was convinced that it was only a temporary state during Keto diet. I was determined to keep the diet going forward in spite of keto flu. I already had lost substantial weight and body mass index in first 2 weeks. Keto flu vanished in about 3 days and the magic of Ketosis weight drop had begun.

I started loosing my weight rapidly, in the end lost 20 KG in 60 days. The weight loss also put an end to my vital issues that the doctors warned me about. My sugar levels became normal and I have become more energetic now.

I want to strongly warn few things about Keto diet here from my experience.

  • Keto diet will greatly depend on each person’s health and vital parameters. I strongly recommend everyone to go through an expert opinion and not practice without regular guidance.
  • The proportion of calorie, fat and protein needed for a person should be determined by and expert and adjusted week after week.
  • Avoid allergy foods, keep this list prepared and hand it to the expert. People who have allergies to certain food should substitute those with non- allergic micro vitamins suggested by experts.
  • I also strongly believe that Keto diet with moderate exercise and proper sleep is the right regime.

I was 110 KG when I started Keto diet and now I am maintaining my health with moderate exercise and proper balance of micro nutrition.  I continue maintaining 80 KG based on my body vitals and personality trait.  

Happy Keto Life to everyone –

Thanks, Manoj

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